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Green hydrogen is poised to play a revolutionary role in the automotive and energy storage industries, unlocking a sustainable future driven by clean and efficient energy solutions. As the world shifts towards greener mobility, green hydrogen powers fuel cell vehicles, offering emission-free transportation with long-range capabilities and rapid refuelling. Simultaneously, in the storage sector, green hydrogen acts as a flexible energy reservoir, storing excess renewable energy and providing grid stability when demand fluctuates. Embracing green hydrogen not only decarbonises transportation but also empowers industries to store and deploy renewable energy efficiently, fostering energy independence and resilience.

Some of our services

Green Hydrogen Storage Solutions

BPP designs and develops green hydrogen energy storage systems, storing excess renewable energy for grid stability and demand response.

Hydrogen Re-fuelling Stations

Recommendations for local refuelling stations for light and heavy-duty vehicles, supporting H2 supply chain and the establishment of decentralised H2 hubs.

Hydrogen Marine Transportation Services

BPP develops options for marine systems to transport produced H2 from far-offshore wind farms to shore.

Importance Of Hydrogen In The Automotive & Storage Industries

  1. Decarbonising Transportation: Automotive solutions of green hydrogen revolutionise transportation, enabling zero-emission mobility for a cleaner and healthier environment. Fuel cell vehicles powered by green hydrogen offer long-range capabilities and fast refuelling, paving the way for sustainable transportation worldwide.
  2. Energy Storage for a Resilient Future: Storage solutions of green hydrogen provide a sustainable and scalable way to store excess renewable energy. Hydrogen acts as a flexible energy reservoir, ensuring grid stability and offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional energy storage methods.
  3. Promoting Energy Independence: Embracing green hydrogen automotive solutions and storage technologies reduces our reliance on finite fossil fuels. By generating and utilising hydrogen from renewable sources, we secure energy independence and drive resilience against energy market volatility
  4. Enabling Sector Coupling: Green hydrogen fosters sector coupling by bridging renewable energy generation and various industries. From transportation and power generation to industrial applications, hydrogen plays a key role in harmonizing different sectors in a sustainable energy ecosystem.
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