Subsea Cable Management

Dynamic Cable Ratings

Seabed and cable protection system geometries are analysed through hybrid analytical finite element methods to optimise dynamic cable ratings and reduce cost.

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Cable and Materials Testing

Capability for rigorous testing of cable materials and full size cables for assurance of in-service performance.

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Cable Manufacturing Support

The Company’s experienced cable manufacturing engineers support wind farm developers in cable specification management, QAQC during manufacture and cable load out.

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ECG™ Holistic Cable Monitoring System

In partnership with Proserv and Synaptec, BPP Renewables’ real-time cable monitoring system enables comprehensive performance monitoring and provides early warning of cable faults and their mitigation.

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AI & Machine Learning for Subsea Cable Data

Advanced in-house AI and machine learning algorithms support the prediction of fault conditions and the extension of cable life.

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Cable Condition Investigations

Condition Monitoring of in-service cables to determine performance and detect emerging faults.

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