Solar – Hydrogen Microgrid for Cameroon

The Opportunity

Solar-based hydrogen generation systems could offer a commercial solution to store and deliver energy to locations with reduced access to national infrastructure based power sources but that have abundant solar energy, such as most of the African regions. Technological improvements are reducing the cost of Hydrogen production, making it increasingly attractive.

The Project

BPP designed a solar-hydrogen system with dedicated freshwater production in Bandjoun, Cameroon. The system is modular, with a Plug & Play set-up to minimise complexity of operation and avoiding the need for external expertise to manage it over the long-term. This project was conducted in collaboration with the solar energy company Universo, based in Bandjoun, and the local authorities of Bandjoun.

The achievements were:

  • Production of a techno-economic modular simulation for a Green Hydrogen system
  • Modelling of a Green Hydrogen production system with a dedicated water purification system powered by solar energy
  • Modelling of solar plants and estimation of their renewable power profile
  • Identification of optimal hydrogen storage methods
  • Roadmap for construction of a demonstrator facility initially and then a large-scale facility

The Results

With electrification of smaller towns and villages remaining low and unstable, this project promoted social and economic development in Bandjoun.

Benefits included:

  • Increased localised energy access
  • Increased access to clean fresh water
  • Hydrogen for ammonia synthesis for agricultural industry
  • Creation of skilled jobs


Our Partners


  • Renewable Integration Feasibility Studies
  • Hydrogen FEED Study
  • Microgrid Connectivity Analysis
  • Integrating Green Hydrogen in Local Industry
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