Sector: Floating Wind Farms

Risk Management: Science or Art?

Risk Management: Science or Art? Overview In one way or another the technical services that BPP offers are in the business of risk management, whether it be the design of an offshore platform that will not collapse for twenty five years, or the risk assessment of a process plant for the probability of an accident […]

Cable Handling, Laying and Recovery

Cable Handling, Laying and Recovery Overview BPP has developed methodologies and software modules for carrying out cable handling, laying, and recovery analyses. These methodologies are collectively called CHARM. They can be used as an operation planning tool, or as a training facility enabling users to evaluate the effects of parametric changes in operational procedures. The […]

Subsea Cable Protection

Subsea Cable Protection Whether these are Cable Protection Systems (CPSs) for mono-pile structures or bend restrictors for floating structures, they are critical for maintaining cable integrity. BPP Renewables has capabilities and experience in comprehensive design and modelling of these components taking into account currents, waves, scour pits, sand abrasion and rock bag movements. These can […]

Floating Platforms for Offshore Wind

Floating Platforms for Offshore Wind Benefit from BPP Renewables’ comprehensive naval architecture, structural and mooring design tools for all types floating wind turbine platforms. It is important to understand the effects of dynamic structural loads from the rotating turbines on moving platforms. Let BPP help you with: Top image: Prototypical Floating Turbine: see Twinway-Hexicon

Floating Wind Farm Risks

Floating Wind Farm Risks BPP Renewables works with the London and international insurance markets to manage engineering risks of the new class of floating offshore wind farms. Let BPP help you with the newly emerging risk profiles of platforms, moorings and dynamic cables for floating wind farms. Areas of expertise include:

Inter-Array Cable Layout

Inter-Array Cable Layout BPP Renewables has developed and tested robust optimisation schemes to enable power loss, cable cost and risk reduction from different turbine layouts to be tested. The optimisation includes all key factors including cable size, turbine positions, conductor material, burial depth, junction boxes, sub-stations, wind and wave conditions and ambient sea temperature. Let […]

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