Sector: Subsea Cable Management

Dynamic Cable Ratings

Dynamic Cable Ratings BPP Renewables use a new class of hybrid analytical finite element methods for fast dynamic-rate analysis of complex seabed and cable protection system geometries. This enables good decision making based on realistic cable electrical loadings. Optimising dynamic cable ratings can significantly reduce cable costs. Let BPP give you the analysis and performance […]

Cable and Materials Testing

Cable and Materials Testing Testing of cables, umbilicals and their components at BPP Renewables in-house or at approved external test facilities, using recognised international standards including ANSI, API, ASTM, ICEA, IEC, ISO, NEMA and NACE. Mechanical Testing Testing Combined torsion balance and tension Combined tension and bending (reeling) Fatigue loading Hydrostatic loading Impact and point […]

Cable Manufacturing Support

Cable Manufacturing Support Using BPP’s experience in the manufacture of cables, umbilicals and other coilable products, we can assist with improvements in efficiency, quality and repeatability of complex manufacturing operations. Cable manufacturing process improvements and best practice guidance Optimisation of primary production processes (bundling, armouring, spooling, storage and offloading) Component manufacturing and processing improvements Gap […]

ECG™ Holistic Cable Monitoring System

ECG™ Holistic Cable Monitoring System BPP Renewables is part of a consortium comprising Proserv (a controls technology provider), Synaptec (a sensor supplier) to develop the ECGTM system for advanced monitoring of subsea power cable health Funded by UK Government Innovate UK R&D at £1.1M BPP Renewables is contributing advanced cable health monitoring using the latest […]

AI & Machine Learning for Subsea Cable Data

AI & Machine Learning for Subsea Cable Data BPP Renewables has developed advanced machine learning techniques that combine cable engineering algorithms with statistical methods to find patterns in massive amounts of subsea cable performance data to deliver a cable health indicator via Red-Amber-Green traffic light alerts. The system also accumulates cable thermal and electrical degradation […]

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