Sector: Subsea Cable Engineering

Thermal Assessments

Thermal Assessments Thermal assessments of buried cables and Cable Protection Systems can reduce risk of cable failure. Thermally limited conditions and resultant cable ampacity in a subsea cable can vary by location and configuration depending on the installation, cable design, and environmental conditions. BPP Renewables offers best-in-class modelling capabilities to consider all modes of heat […]

Subsea Cable Engineering

Subsea Cable Engineering Benefit from comprehensive cable local and global analyses in a one-stop shop to get optimum cable performance and quality assurance. BPP Renewables use cable structural analysis tool SoftCoreTM for cable stiffness, strength, internal stresses and strains for all load combinations. Global analyses are conducted using OrcaFlex – the industry standard leading suite […]

Subsea Cable Protection

Subsea Cable Protection Whether these are Cable Protection Systems (CPSs) for mono-pile structures or bend restrictors for floating structures, they are critical for maintaining cable integrity. BPP Renewables has capabilities and experience in comprehensive design and modelling of these components taking into account currents, waves, scour pits, sand abrasion and rock bag movements. These can […]

Electro-magnetic Field Effects

Electro-magnetic Field Effects Coupled thermal and electro-magnetic analyses of subsea cables for cable losses and interference effects. BPP Renewables’ work delivers representative cable performance and dynamic cable ratings to reduce costs. Let BPP give you the assurance that all thermal and electro-magnetic effects are accounted for. For more information on thermal analysis of subsea cables […]

Cable Condition Investigation

Cable Condition Investigation Covering all types of onshore and offshore power cables, umbilicals, telecommunication cables and associated equipment. Cable condition, degradation mechanisms, failure root causes and liability Desktop studies, site visits and remote inspections Extensive data and knowledge base of degradation and failure modes from our long track record Detailed forensic examination of cables and […]

Cable Fatigue Life

Cable Fatigue Life Determining reliable estimates of a subsea cable’s fatigue life requires an end-to-end capability for computing cable cross-sectional properties, its hydrodynamic dynamic response, material fatigue data, the wave environment and the cable’s response to it. BPP Renewables has this end-to-end analyses capability with the experience of a large number of projects. See the […]

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