Telecommunication Cable Services

Capability for structural analysis, testing and installation engineering of optical fibre telecommunications cables for cable system owners, installers and users.

Cable Structural and Installation Analyses

Detailed cross-section and installation analyses to ensure optimal cable design and operation.

  • Cross-section structural analysis for telecoms cables using in-house BPP-Softcore software
  • Cable laying and retrieval analysis using in-house software called CLARA.
  • Subsea on-bottom stability analysis
  • Free span, vortex shedding and seabed interaction studies
  • Evaluation of cable and repeater performance or failure occurrences

Cable Handling & Repair Analyses and Advisory Services

Specialised engineering services for:

  • Cable laying, retrieval and repair analyses using in-house CLARA software
  • Procedures development for cable handling
  • Witnessing loadout and installation including oversight of quality assurance activities

Forensic Examination & Testing

BPP has a fully equipped laboratory to carry out forensic examination and testing of defective or failed telecoms cables and ancillaries.

  • Forensic inspection and Root Cause Analysis of cable and component failures
  • Identification of failure points
  • Quantification of risks, including likelihood and consequences
  • Evaluation of cable condition and integrity

Shore Approach and Land Based Cable Sections

Design, analyses and advisory services for complex shore approaches, cable landings and land based sections.

  • Analyses and option selection for shore approach engineering (e.g. ducts, trenches, pull-ins)
  • Development of safe shore landing procedures
  • Evaluation of shore landing oceanographic conditions and advisory services for optimum paths.

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