Sector: Green Hydrogen

Green H2 Energy Vector

Green H2 Energy Vector Overview H2 is a cost-efficient energy carrier. Its high energy density makes it an ideal fuel for vehicles, ships and industrial processes. H2 applications are expected to be commonplace by 2030 for residential and commercial sectors. Using far-offshore wind power to generate GreenH2 has the potential of reducing global emissions to […]

GHigha: Green H2 for the Isle of Gigha

GHigha: Green H2 for the Isle of Gigha The Challenge The Isle of Gigha (IoG) is a community-owned island in Scotland. The islanders meet most of their electrical demands with community-owned, grid-connected wind turbines of a total installed capacity of 1.005 MW.  However, the low voltage subsea cables connecting the island to the National Grid […]

Solar – Hydrogen Microgrid for Cameroon

Solar – Hydrogen Microgrid for Cameroon The Opportunity Solar-based hydrogen generation systems could offer a commercial solution to store and deliver energy to locations with reduced access to national infrastructure based power sources but that have abundant solar energy, such as most of the African regions. Technological improvements are reducing the cost of Hydrogen production, making it increasingly […]

Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 Project

Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 Project The Opportunity Climate change and the need for sustainability are all driving a growing opportunity and requirement for Green Hydrogen production. Technological improvements are reducing the cost of production and transport of Green Hydrogen, making it increasingly commercially attractive. BPP has discovered a market need for assessing the feasibility of […]

Green H2 from Offshore Windfarms

Green H2 from Offshore Windfarms In its transition to net zero, it is essential that the UK invests in sustainable technologies for the future. Offshore wind is a growing part of the UK’s power generation and using this to produce Green Hydrogen will play a key role. BPP Renewables is developing new system design and […]

Offshore Green Hydrogen Production

Offshore Green Hydrogen Production Pioneering Offshore Green Hydrogen Production For A Sustainable Future At BPP, we believe that the path to a sustainable future lies in harnessing the boundless potential of offshore green hydrogen production. As a leading renewable energy solutions provider, we are dedicated to revolutionising the energy landscape by unlocking the transformative power […]

Automotive & Storage Solutions

Automotive & Storage Solutions Clean, Energy Dense Storage And Mobility Green hydrogen is poised to play a revolutionary role in the automotive and energy storage industries, unlocking a sustainable future driven by clean and efficient energy solutions. As the world shifts towards greener mobility, green hydrogen powers fuel cell vehicles, offering emission-free transportation with long-range […]

Renewable Energy Integration With Green Hydrogen

Renewable Energy Integration With Green Hydrogen Solving Power Generating Intermittency The integration of renewable energy with green hydrogen represents a monumental leap forward in the quest for a carbon-neutral world. As renewable energy sources like solar and wind become increasingly prevalent, we now possess an unprecedented opportunity to leverage their intermittent power for a far-reaching […]

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